Just like the Europa Cup also two-yearly Eurofleurs competition for young florists has become a contest which attracts much interest from many European countries. The first Young European Florist Competition took place in Great Britain in January 1998. This first ”Eurofleurs” competition was a real success for a start. Via the issues in Germany, Italy, Hungary, the Netherlands and Belgium the Eurofleurs has developed into a real European Cup for young florists. The next issue of this event is going to take place in Great Britain in July 2010. The concept of combination with the event Tatton Park Flower Show promises a real spectacle

Since 1998, FLORINT organizes a contest named EUROFLEURS. This contest serves as a comparison in craftsmanship and creativity between young florists with a maximum age of 25, originating from different countries. This competition gives young florists the opportunity to put their first steps on an international platform. As a general rule, the Eurofleurs Cup takes place every 4 years.


One young florist of each member country is allowed to take part in the contest. By way of exception, florists from non-member countries may also be accepted, if desired. Applications should then be addressed to the Direction Committee of FLORINT.

The contestants shall be nominated by the national florist associations, members of FLORINT. In countries where there is more then one member association these associations should agree on the contestant or organise a mutual competition. In countries where there is no member organisation of FLORINT the Fleurop-Interflora Unit of the country concerned or another organisation of professional florists may apply for a place. Applications should be addressed to the direction committee of FLORINT.

Eurofleurs 2017:

The European Championship for Young Florists 2017 was held in Sint-Truiden, Belgium, from 15 to 18 September. Lots and lots of remarkable floristry was on display in the five event areas of the Eurofleurs championship. Finland was be represented by Ms Heli Haapatalo. Third place in the European Championship for Young Florists 2017 was awarded to Ms. Heli Haapatalo. The young Finnish contender also received a special prize for the most innovative arrangement work, in honour of the recently deceased and highly celebrated Belgian florist Stijn Simaeys.

Winners Eurofleurs

Year Place/Country Winner (Finnish representative Placement)
1998 Birmingham Great Britain – Jean-Francois Boucher-Odent, France
2000 Essen Germany – Annette Zetschke, Germany (Ms. Pirjo Koppi, 2. place)
2002 Padova Italy – Peter van der Sluis, Netherlands
2004 Szeged Hungary – Péter Pánczél, Hungary
2006 Nieuwegein Netherlands – Tamas Endre Mezöffy, Hungary
2008 Brussels Belgium – Atilla Roszondai, Hungary
2010 Tatton Park, Great Britain – Attila Kiss, Hungary
2013 Split, Croatia – Elin Susan Havreberg, Norway

2017 Sint-Truiden, Belgium – Gábor Nagy, Hungary


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